Welcome to the HSI Pathways Program at FIU Website!  The HSI Pathways program creates a rich and nurturing academic experience for interested and motivated Latinx students with a goal to foster their success in humanities and social science Ph.D. programs, fields in which Latinxs are severely underrepresented.

Everyone wins when academic departments are diverse.  Cultural points of view, experiences, and concerns from multiple backgrounds are voiced and add to the educational value students receive.  This multiplicity of perspectives is central to a humanities education. As the largest Hispanic producer of baccalaureate degrees in many categories nationwide FIU is well-equipped to serve as a solutions center and ensure the future of the Humanities is represented by talented and skilled Latinx professors.

The program provides financial resources as well as extensive and comprehensive mentoring, professionalization, and academic assistance.  With guidance and support we know that you can succeed and in doing so, add your important and necessary voice to the conversation.